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Tilefire Rural Wood Fire

  • Heat output
  • Floor area
  • Radiant and convection heat
    R & C
  • Wetback option
  • Kent warranty
  • kW The kilowatt rating is the maximum rated output of the fire burning dry soft wood when tested to NZHHA approved test methodology.
  • Gives an indication of the floor area able to be heated by the fire. This assumes a normal stud height of 2.4m and an adequate level of insulation in the home.
  • Radiant and Convection Heat medium to large spaces with a Radiant and Convection wood fire. The fire creates warm air currents which circulate via convection, warming the area the fire is situated in. A secondary radiant effect produces sun-like warmth in close proximity to the fire.
  • Wetback A wetback makes it possible to heat most of your home hot water needs. It circulates the water using a thermosiphon effect (i.e. warmer water rises and cooler water falls, creating a natural flow through the water jacket within the solid fuel burner). Wetbacks can be an even more effective option when coupled with solar hot water.
  • Warranty All Kent fireboxes are guaranteed for 15 years. The seal, door seal, fire bricks, flue, secondary air system and removable baffle have a one year warranty (parts only).


  • Rural fire for properties of 2ha or more (not clean-air zones)
  • Large-size radiant and convection wood burner
  • Matt black design, with external tiles, 6mm steel
  • Clay refractory brick lined firebox
  • A water booster (wetback) can be added to this fire
  • 15 year firebox warranty


  • Estimated maximum heat output: 20kW
  • Heats area up to 260m² (typically up to five standard rooms)


  • Standard Flue Kit Inc. Reflector for Freestanding Fires
  • Energy Saver Flue Kit Inc. Reflector for Freestanding Fires
  • Wall Floor Protector – Small
  • Wall Floor Protector – Large
  • Corner Floor Protector – Large
  • Wall Fire Guard – Large

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