Benmore Wood Fire

  • Heat output
  • Floor area
  • Radiant heat
  • Clean air approved
    Clean Air
  • Kent warranty
  • kW The kilowatt rating is the maximum rated output of the fire burning dry soft wood when tested to NZHHA approved test methodology.
  • Gives an indication of the floor area able to be heated by the fire. This assumes a normal stud height of 2.4m and an adequate level of insulation in the home.
  • Radiant A radiant wood fire produces sun-like warmth as the heat radiates from its steel body. Heat is produced quickly once the fire is well established, warming people in close proximity. Ideal for heating smaller spaces.
  • Clean Air A Government requirement for fuel to be completely gasified and burned, producing a minimum of polluting by-products such as smoke, creosote or ash. Non-clean air fires can still be used in properties located on land greater than 2ha.
  • Warranty All Kent fireboxes are guaranteed for 15 years. The seal, door seal, fire bricks, flue, secondary air system and removable baffle have a one year warranty (parts only).


  • NZ Clean air approved efficient small-size radiant wood fire
  • Contemporary matt black fireplace design, 5mm steel
  • Vermiculite brick lined firebox
  • Multi-burn firebox helps burner glass remain clear
  • Steel plate top for cooking use
  • 15 year firebox warranty


  • Estimated maximum heat output: 14kW
  • Heats area up to 150m² (typically up to three standard rooms)
  • Average emission rate: 0.80g/kg
  • Overall average efficiency: 69%
  • ECAN Authorisation No. 165499


  • Standard Flue Kit Inc. Reflector for Freestanding Fires
  • Energy Saver Flue Kit Inc. Reflector for Freestanding Fires
  • Wall Floor Protector – Small
  • Corner Floor Protector – Small

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